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Lektiehjælper i Spansk (fra Spanien og Latin Amerika)

I can help you to learn Spanish. If is a basic level I can use more Danish-Spanish translations than in an advanced level. I have a good level of native language (Spanish). I also understand differences between Latin American and Spaniard use of the language. I am empathetic and patient and I am very structured and organized to meet your goals. In short: - I can teach you Spanish from a beginner level - I can help you to improve your Spanish if you already have a middle or advanced Spanish level - I can help you to understand nuances and differences between Spanish in Sapin and in Latin America - I can help you with cultural subjects related to Spain and Latin America In another set of skills, I also can help with everything related to Art Drawing Illustration and Design, either for your University or School project or for a thesis final work.


At the moment I have 2 Danish students (1 is a beginner and 1 is middle-advanced level) and they are happy with the classes. I have experience teaching in other subjects as well History and Artistic Drawing. I use that and also my family network experience since my mother and my sister are experienced language teachers. I have BSc and MSc in my mother tongue, so I have a good level of grammar, writing, and vocabulary. I am half Spaniard and half Venezuelan and have a good general culture level and grasp of the history and culture of the Hispanic speakers "world"


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