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Hi everyone!

I was able to obtain the following degrees with high levels of distinction:

- MSc. Control and Fine Instruments Engineering (Tehran, Iran)
- BSc. Electronics Engineering (Tehran, Iran).
I am qualified to teach the following subjects:
- Electronics and Electrical engineering subjects at all levels
- mathematics at all levels
- sciences, physics, and applied sciences at high school and BSc. level. mathematics in all levels

I would describe myself as adventurous and outgoing. I love learning about new cultures and meeting new people. This is one of the reasons I want to teach.


I have been tutoring after getting accepted at University for undergraduate studies in 2003. I have worked both with high school students and university students.

You can expect:
- structured approaches
- clarifying schemes and problem-solving pathways
- sensitivity towards learning difficulties
- practice tests and reviews, if desired
- a lot of patience 0 years of teaching


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